"Uncle Henry Schrade +

LB7 USA AW31086

Bear Paw 5-inch Lockback"

With wood handles and the Schrade Leather Sheath

Uncle Henry Schrade + LB7


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This knife belonged to my dad and he treated his knives well.

The LB-7's were produced with four pins through the handles from 1978-1990, and changed to three pins from 1991 to production end in the wood fibron handles. All the older 4-pin knives were serialized. The serial number on this knife is AW 31086.

An old favorite, this Schrade knife "Bear Paw" lockback has one piece brass bolsters and liners and a solid wood handle with 4 brass pins. Blade is "Schrade + Stainless." Stainless steel pivot pin. Comes with brown leather belt sheath that is embossed and says "SCHRADE" and has logo of man with hammer and Anvil. Schrade is No Longer making knives.

Uncle Henry Knives manufactured by the Imperial Schrade Corporation closed their doors July 30, 2004, after 100 years of business. There will be no more original Schrade Uncle Henry knives produced. However popular name brands and designs are in demand by the public, and as Mark Twain once said, "Reports of my Demise are Greatly Exaggerated".

Thanks to Taylor Brands LLC, which purchased the intellectual property rights to all of the Old Timer, Schrade, and Uncle Henry Knives, these great classics live again. Taylor has recreated the original patterns, and made these Classics available to the public once more. The only sad note is that they are now imported from China to keep the prices low.


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